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How to Remove Disposable Gloves

Wearing disposable gloves is an excellent way to prevent cross-contamination from your hands to surfaces. However, they are only effective if all the proper steps are being followed. Contamination can still occur if the wearer touches their face or other surfaces, and even when disposing and removing gloves. Follow these easy steps to remove disposable gloves and prevent any cross contamination.

Do's and Don'ts of Glove Removal

  • Don't touch your face (or face mask) with dirty or contaminated gloves
  • Don't remove gloves by pulling fingertips
  • Don't reuse gloves that have been removed
  • Don't touch clean surfaces with dirty or contaminated gloves
  • Do change gloves that are damaged or dirty
  • Do wash hands immediately after disposal
  • Do dispose of contaminated or dirty gloves
  • Do follow safety and sanitation protocals

Step By Step Glove Removal

  1. Pinch gloves at the palm or near wrist, be careful not to touch skin or tear glove.
  2. Pull glove down past palm and off the fingers slowly so they do not splatter contaminants.
  3. With the gloved hand still holding the removed glove, wad the glove into a ball and hold near fingers.
  4. With the pinky from the ungloved hand, slide into the wrist of gloved hand and begin to pull glove off the other hand.
  5. Pull glove down past palm and off fingers, turning the glove inside out with the other removed glove inside. Careful not to touch exterior of glove.
  6. Dispose in waste bin and wash hands immediately.

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How to Remove Disposable Gloves