ElimO Deodorizer Liquid Concentrate, Herbal Pine 32 oz (12/cs)

SKU: 25535Q
ElimO Concentrated Liquid Deodorizer - Herbal Pine-scented, 32 oz bottles, 12 per case. Versatile and potent for tackling odors, leaving a long-lasting, nature-inspired fragrance.

ElimO Deodorizer Liquid Concentrate, Herbal Pine 32 oz (12/cs)

SKU: 25535Q

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Enhance the room odor with ElimO Deodorizer Liquid Concentrate in the enchanting Herbal Pine scent. Each case includes 12 bottles of 32 oz, presenting a quart-sized solution for powerful odor control. Immerse your space in the soothing essence of Herbal Pine for a refreshing and invigorating atmosphere.

ElimO Concentrated Liquid Deodorizer stands as the epitome of odor control solutions, combating persistent odors with precision. The concentrated formula ensures a thorough and lasting elimination of unwanted scents, leaving your environment with the captivating fragrance of Herbal Pine. It doesn't just cover up odors; it erases them, providing a clean and revitalizing ambiance.

The Herbal Pine scent introduces a touch of nature to your surroundings, creating an atmosphere that is both calming and refreshing. Not only does ElimO neutralize unpleasant odors, but it also imparts a long-lasting, pleasant fragrance. Infuse every room with the invigorating scent of Herbal Pine and transform your space into a sanctuary of cleanliness.

Each 32 oz bottle of ElimO Deodorizer Liquid Concentrate is highly concentrated, ensuring versatility in application. Dilute the concentrate with water according to your specific needs, maximizing the potency of this robust solution. With 12 bottles per case, you're equipped to combat odors in various settings.

ElimO is synonymous with efficiency and user-friendliness. Whether you're dealing with household odors, pet smells, or persistent scents in commercial spaces, ElimO Concentrated Liquid Deodorizer is your trusted ally. It's time to redefine your environment with a product that doesn't just eliminate odors; it enhances your surroundings.

Make the Herbal Pine-scented ElimO your choice for superior odor control. Order your case today and experience the transformative power of this Concentrated Liquid Deodorizer. Rediscover the joy of a fresh and clean atmosphere.

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