Original Dawn Pot & Pan 38oz bottle (8/cs)

SKU: PGC45112
Original Dawn Dishwashing Liquid - 38oz bottle, 8 per case. Superior grease-fighting power and long-lasting suds for sparkling clean dishes. Versatile for all-purpose cleaning.

Original Dawn Pot & Pan 38oz bottle (8/cs)

SKU: PGC45112
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The Original Dawn Dishwashing Liquid, now available in a convenient 38oz bottle, and packed in cases of 8. The iconic Dawn has been a household name for generations, and with good reason. This dishwashing liquid not only stands the test of time but sets the standard for superior grease-fighting power and versatile cleaning.

Dawn is renowned for its long-lasting suds, making it a reliable partner for your dishwashing needs. With just a small amount, you can create a rich lather that lasts, ensuring an efficient and thorough cleaning experience. It's not just a dish soap; it's a commitment to cleanliness that lasts.

What sets Original Dawn apart is its exceptional ability to clean 58% more greasy pots and pans per sink compared to non-concentrated versions. Dawn's concentrated formula means you need less to achieve more, making it an economical and powerful choice for your kitchen.

Dawn boasts superior grease-fighting power compared to leading competitive products. It is your solution for tackling the toughest grease and grime, ensuring that your dishes emerge from each wash spotless and grease-free. 

But the utility of Dawn extends beyond the kitchen sink. It can be diluted to create a versatile all-purpose cleaner for various surfaces. From countertops to appliances, Dawn's cleaning prowess knows no bounds. It's a multi-functional solution that simplifies your cleaning routine.

Formulated specifically to tackle greasy food soils from pots, pans, and utensils, Original Dawn Dishwashing Liquid is a kitchen essential. It cuts through the toughest residues, leaving your dishes and cookware sparkling clean.

Choose the reliability of Original Dawn for a dishwashing experience that goes beyond the basics. Order your case of 8 today and discover why Dawn has been a trusted name for generations.


  • Dishwashing detergent with long-lasting suds
  • It cleans 58% more greasy pots and pans per sink vs. Dawn non-concentrated.
  • A Superior grease fighting power vs. leading competitive products.
  • Can be diluted to make a versatile all-purpose cleaning solution for a variety of surfaces.
  • Formulated to help remove greasy food soils from pots, pans and utensils.

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