Herramientas de limpieza

105 artículos

    105 artículos
    FBK Dustpan Lobby with Handle - Single-molded piece for strength and durability. 30" handle for user convenience. Wide color range for organizational purposes.
    FBK Dustpan Lobby, W/ Handle (1/ea)
     FBK Hook for Rail - 2.5" Fiberglass wall hook for efficient storage. Available in various colors
    Gancho FBK para riel (1/ea)
    Remco 1-Piece Large Shovel: FDA-compliant and color-coded for precise and safe use in meat, dairy, seafood, and poultry processing.
    Remco Pala grande de 1 pieza (1/ea)
    FBK 16" Medium Sweeper Broom - Versatile cleaning solution for wet and dry conditions. Polyester PBT filaments. Long-lasting performance. Compatible with hexagonal handle.
    FBK 16" Medium Sweeper Broom (1/ea)
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