Bolígrafos y marcadores detectables de metal

17 artículos

    17 artículos
    Retrieve Metal Detectable Pen – Pack of 25 with blue ink, highly visible indicators, ergonomic design, and a unique cartridge suspension. Ideal for demanding work environments.
    Pluma detectable de metal Retrieve, tinta azul, no retráctil (25/plumas)
    Metal Detectable Stick Pen with Blue body and ink, designed without a clip for safety.
    Bolígrafo con detección de metales, tinta azul (1 c/u)
    Metal Detectable Elephant Pen, Retractable – Box of 50 pens designed for safety in the food industry. Made from food-safe detectable polymer, metal and X-ray detectable, with a shatterproof body.
    Bolígrafo elefante detectable de metales, retráctil (50/caja)
    A Detectable Stylus with Clip designed for use on PDA screens, fully metal detectable, and approved for direct food contact.
    Stylus detectable con clip
    Metal Detectable Permanent Marker with blue ink, featuring a bullet tip and a distinctive blue body for easy identification.
    Marcador permanente detectable de metales, tinta azul (1/ea)
    Metal Detectable Permanent Marker with black ink and a blue body, featuring a bullet tip for precise markings.
    Marcador permanente metal detectable, tinta negra (1/ea)
    Retrieve Metal Detectable Pen with Black Ink - Retractable, highly visible ink indicator, sturdy pocket clip, and large lanyard loop for maximum detectability.
    Pluma detectable de metal Retrieve, tinta negra, retráctil (25/plumas)
    Retrieve Metal Detectable Pen with Blue Ink - Retractable, designed for maximum detectability, with a sturdy pocket clip and large lanyard loop.
    Pluma detectable de metal Retrieve, tinta azul, retráctil (25/plumas)
    Metal Detectable Fine Tip Permanent Marker – Single unit with black ink and precise, detectable fine tip. Blue body for easy visibility in challenging work environments.
    Marcador permanente de punta fina detectable de metal, tinta negra (1/ea)
    Retractable Detectable Roller Ball Pen – Individual pen with a blue body and blue ink. Roller ball design for smooth writing and a clip for added convenience.
    Bolígrafo retráctil detectable, tinta azul (1 c/u)
    A Detectable Jumbo Pallet Marker with a 15mm wide chisel tip and metal detectable plastic cap.
    Marcador detectable de palets jumbo, punta de 15 mm (1/ea)
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