Plantillas y Calcetines

6 artículos

    6 artículos
    Calcetín Térmico Corto
    Epik Tall Thermal Sock - Engineered for cold temperatures and rain/sanitation boots, offering warmth and padding.
    Calcetín Térmico Alto
     Epik Innersoles - Comfortable replacement for worn-out innersoles in sanitation boots.
    Suela interior
    Lightweight, eco-friendly Innersole with dielectric material and activated carbon for sizes 37-47.
    Suela interior
    Eco-friendly Innersole made from activated carbon with absorbing and antibacterial properties. Available in sizes 37-47.
    Suela interior
     Innovative Innersole with advanced three-material design for superior cushioning and antibacterial properties.
    Suela interior
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