Herramientas codificadas por colores - Púrpura

25 artículos

    25 artículos
    Techniclean 24" Single Blade Overmolded Squeegee (1/ea) Green
    Escurridor sobremoldeado de hoja única de 24" (1 c/u)
    FBK Dustpan Lobby with Handle - Single-molded piece for strength and durability. 30" handle for user convenience. Wide color range for organizational purposes.
    FBK Dustpan Lobby, W/ Handle (1/ea)
    Image of 24" Vikan Double Blade Foam Squeegee with double-bladed cell rubber and compatible with Vikan handle. Ideal for water and food debris removal on all types of flooring. Cassette can be removed for cleaning or blade replacement. Available in seven different colors.
    Escurridor de espuma de doble hoja Vikan de 24" (1 c/u)
    FBK 60" One-Piece All Plastic Handle - Ergonomic design, lightweight, and hygienic. Compatible with external hexagonal handles.
    FBK 60" One-Piece All Plastic Handle (1/ea)
     FBK Hook for Rail - 2.5" Fiberglass wall hook for efficient storage. Available in various colors
    Gancho FBK para riel (1/ea)
    Remco 1-Piece Large Shovel: FDA-compliant and color-coded for precise and safe use in meat, dairy, seafood, and poultry processing.
    Remco Pala grande de 1 pieza (1/ea)
    Cepillo para fregar mediano de 10" (1 c/u)
    59.4" Vikan Aluminum Handle with Colored Sleeve for Enhanced Cleaning
    Manija de aluminio Vikan de 59.4" con funda de color (ea)
    FBK 12" Upright Angled Sweeper Broom - Stiff bristles, durable construction. Suitable for dry, smooth surfaces. Fits FBK Lobby Pan.
    FBK 12" Upright Angled Sweeper Broom (1/ea)
    Wall Bracket with 3 Grip Holders and 2 Hooks. 16.5 inches. Available in various colors for tool color coding. Sturdy and versatile tool organization.
    Pared Soporte de pared, 3 soportes de agarre, 2 ganchos, 16,5" (1 c/u)
    Cepillo para biberón de 3,5" (1 c/u)
    36" FBK Metal Hanging Track - Aluminum wall rail with color-coded endcaps, holds FBK nylon hooks and holders.
    Riel colgante de metal FBK de 36" (1 c/u)
    12" Vikan Stiff Deck Scrub, 3" x 12" Grey front
    Estropajo rígido Vikan de 12", 3" x 12" (1 c/u)
    FBK 60" Easy-Grip Ergonomic Aluminum Handle - 25mm diameter, anti-fatigue grip. Compatible with outside threaded hexagonal handles.
    FBK 60” Easy-Grip Ergonomic Aluminum Handle (1/ea)
    FBK 16" Medium Sweeper Broom - Versatile cleaning solution for wet and dry conditions. Polyester PBT filaments. Long-lasting performance. Compatible with hexagonal handle.
    FBK 16" Medium Sweeper Broom (1/ea)
    Techniclean Products 16" Vikan Combo Soft/Stiff Broom Head (1/ea) Food Facility and Plant Safety with Color Coded Tools Green
    Cabezal de escoba rígido/suave combinado Vikan de 16" (1 c/u)
    FBK 53" Standard Grip Aluminum Handle (1/ea)
    FBK 24" Medium Sweeper Broom - Versatile broom with medium stiffness bristles. 24" x 2.5". PBT filaments for durability. Available in multiple colors.
    FBK 24" Medium Sweeper Broom (1/ea)
    FBK 12" Open Dustpan - Shatter-resistant, food contact-approved polypropylene. One-piece seamless design. Ideal for large surface areas.
    FBK 12" Open Dustpan (1/ea)
    Vikan 3 Gallon Bucket Lid. Secure clip-on mechanism. Available in various colors for color-coded organization. Reliable liquid containment.
    Tapa de cubeta Vikan de 3 galones (1 c/u)
    Large FBK Holder for Rail - Color-coded polypropylene holder with rubber clamp for secure tool storage and easy organization.
    Soporte grande FBK para riel (1/ea)
    Small FBK Holder for Rail - Color-coded polypropylene holder with rubber clamp for secure tool storage.
    Soporte FBK pequeño para riel (1/ea)
    Remco 1-Piece Small Shovel: A seamless, FDA-compliant solution for cross-contamination containment in food processing.
    Pala pequeña de 1 pieza Remco (1/ea)
    5-Gallon Purple Plastic Bucket with Metal Handle
    Cubo de plástico morado de 5 galones, con asa de metal (1 c/u)
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